Kid finds packed pipe in Burger King kids meal, employee arrested


Kids meal toy prizes from fast food restaurants sure have gotten cooler since I was a Happy Meal-eating child.
Police in Dundee, Michigan earlier this week arrested a 23-year-old Burger King employee after a family found a packed ganja pipe in their grandson’s kid’s meal. The family from Detroit immediately called the police instead of pulling back through the drive through and demanding they fix their mistake like everyone else does when a restaurant fucks up their take out order.

For his part, the employee was honest and said he had accidentally brought the pipe with him to work and needed a place to stash it – and where better to do so at a hamburger joint than in a hamburger box? ::SMH::
He should have asked to go out for a quick break and run around the corner and hid it in some bushes off the property. Or he could have given it to one of his two friends who were apparently also at the restaurant that evening.

Google maps street view.
The Burger King of Dundee, Mich.

But apparently nobody wall bright enough to figure that out. The friends weren’t even smart enough to stay out of the situation and got themselves arrested. No word on how the 18-year-old and 20-year-old pals became intertwined in the arrest, however – why they didn’t leave as soon as things hit the fan remains unanswered. But somehow they were also busted with marijuana and paraphernalia possession after police found it in their car.
All three are currently awaiting charges.
Check out the video coverage from WTOL in Toledo: News, Weather