Burglary call leads to grow house bust in Miami


Some ganja farmers in Florida are learning what happens when you tell too many people about your cultivation operation today as police continue to clean up a grow house in a Miami suburb.
At least, we assume it was loose-lips because it wasn’t someone ratting out the grower that caused this. It was burglars trying to rob the grow that caused neighbors to call the police and set the whole thing in motion.

Police say they were called out to a home in West Kendall yesterday after someone spotted men trying to break into a neighboring home. Police showed up in force, with guns drawn and even a police helicopter overhead to try and track the suspects.
“We heard sirens and helicopters and my wife heard one of the cops say ‘get down’, so at that point we knew it was serious and something was really going on,” a neighbor told local news outlets at the scene.
The two would-be robbers briefly got away, but police say they caught the suspects – Cabrera Gonzalez,37, and Javier Lovio, 36 – and charged them with burglary and criminal mischief.
But they were small fish compared to the 21 plants police found growing inside the home. The estimate the haul at more than $50,000.
A few neighbors say they are stunned to find out that someone growing cannabis was living so close to them, but others were more realistic like Roberto Cuesta:
“Grow houses are all over the place, I know that for sure because you hear about it in the news all of the time.”
While he’s right, classifying this as a “grow house” might be a stretch. This just looks like some guy growing a decent sized amount of herb for him and maybe his friends — but it’s no major drug haul.
That’s no consolation to the grower, who faces felony charges, up to $5,000 in fines and five years in jail if convicted.
Check out local coverage from CBS 4: