Stoner MacGyver marijuana product review: vaporizer finder


Stoner MacGyver.

Now and then, companies send us medical marijuana-related products ranging from vaporizers to board games to books. We’ll be showcasing them in our quasi-regular product review section, Stoner MacGyver.
The latest? This week, we’re helping you find the best vaporizer with

A few weeks we here at Stoner MacGyver received an email from a student intern named Evan in Santa Barbara clearly working hard at groundbreaking stuff. Namely: a guide to help consumers find the absolute best vaporizer for their personal vaping style.

A screenshot.

Currently, the site looks at about 50 different types of vapes ranging from the uber-high end Volcanos to the simple vape pens like G-Pens, Omicrons and the likes – it’s a pretty wide range of styles and seems to be the best outright comparison site we’ve seen. While sites trying to sell you vapes have equally as robust display pages, the site puts them all side-by-side.
Included in the basic product information details are the suggested retail prices, the warranty on the product and, importantly, how long each one takes to go from cold to filling your lungs with sweet, sweet cannabis vapor. Clicking on each individual vape takes you to a page with more information and larger pictures.

Mmm, faceted searching for vaporizers.

But the best features of the site are the ones that speak to our inner-geek: the faceted search function in the left navigation bar. You want a hand held vape? You can look at just those. Same for table-top vapes. You want it cheap? Slide the price scale down. Got money to burn, er, vape? Slight it to the right. There’s more than 40 silent vapes to choose from, 26 portable vapes, there’s vape attacements. You can filter it by vapes that only heat oils, or wax-specific if that floats your boat. You can even filter vapes by color.
“Because people are learning more and more about the health benefits of vaporization, the market for vaporizers is expanding quickly,” Intern Evan wrote to Toke. ” We want to deliver a resource to patients and consumers that helps people easily and effectively find the vaporizer that’s right for them.”
You get the point: you can do a lot with this site and it takes the work out of vape shopping. Because of that, we figured it would be worth featuring here on Toke of the Town as a service to you, our dear toking readers. We’re also glad to see a company letting an intern go nuts on a project as cool as this one.
Thanks Evan, here’s hoping they hire you (and don’t drug test).
As an added bonus, check out the widget below to access the comparison directly:

Check back next week when we’ll be reviewing the Da Vinci Ascent portable vaporizer ourselves. If you’ve got a product you think is the next best thing since glass spoon pipes, give us a shout at [email protected]