Australians throw twenty pounds of pot at police, run


Cops in Sydney, Australia say they were patrolling a neighborhood near a building that had been the location of a fire earlier in the day when they saw two men walking out with boxes. When the cops walked up the two dudes freaked out and threw about 22 pounds of bagged up weed in the cops faces and took off running.
Throwing your weed at a policeman might be a good way to buy a few seconds of lead-time, but it’s not something we would suggest.

Cops say they were able to catch of the men nearby. After a brief tussle, the cops arrested the guy and charged him with resisting arrest, supplying cannabis and assaulting police – no word on that charge is for throwing marijuana or for something that happened during the arrest.
While we wish the guy luck, at least an “assaulting an officer with marijuana” charge would be pretty epic bragging rights in prison.
The second man managed to escape from police.
The marijuana, however, did not escape from police. Cops say they were able to scoop it all up and estimate the haul at around $80,000 Australian.