Border patrol finds 485 pounds of schwag weed in tortilla delivery


larger photo below.

Add tortillas to our growing list of things you should not use to smuggle cannabis across the U.S./Mexico border.
U.S. border patrol agents in Nogales, Arizona Wednesday say a 37-year-old Tucson, Arizona man tried hiding about 485 pounds of dirt weed among a shipment of 44 crates of fresh flour tortillas in his white cargo van.

Agents say the weed was actually pretty well stashed, but that they were suspicious enough to call in a sniffer dog. After the dog alerted to the truck, cops pulled out the crates and found that the man had cut false bottoms into the red, see-through milk cartons he was using to haul the tortillas.
The man was arrested and turned over to Homeland Security who valued the 384 pounds of schwag at just $192,000 – or about $500 a pound.

Brick weed and flour tortillas: nowhere near as delicious as fajitas.