Anonymous Brooklyn “weed fairy” leaving buds around town uncovered


Courtesy of Instagram.

Last week some very, very kind person decided to leave small bowlpacks of some Kushage in dozens of locations around Brooklyn affixed to a note reading: “These are tough times, take this week and keep your pspirits high #TheGardenBreath”.

Unfortunately, a lot of people thought the pot was laced or somehow fake and rumors spread on social media. But Gawker’s Rich Juzwiak managed to find some, smoke it and get good, old-fashioned stoned from it.
Which is exactly what the then-anonymous (more on this below) wanted, according to their twitter handle:

By the weekend, though, it seems the true identity of the weed fairy, 23-year-old Yeni Sleidi, had been discovered — which, again, seems to be what she wanted, according to her twitter:

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Our sister blog over at the Miami New Times did some further sleuthing and managed to get Sleidi on the phone, but she declined to comment about her Janie Potseed adventures in New York or say if she planned to keep up her joy-making endeavor.