Seattle thrift store receives 2.5 pounds of pot in donation bin


William Breathes/

While thrift stores are great places to donate everything from worn couches to old t-shirt, they aren’t the best places to donate cannabis – even in states where the plant is legal.
Police last week were called out to a North Seattle thrift store after an employee sorting through overnight donations at an off-site donations bin found a bag stuffed with about 2.5 pounds of ganja.

Police, who just live for shit like this, issued a release last Friday reminding Washingtonians that “donating to thrift shops is a terrific way to give a second life to your well-loved Velcro sneakers, keyboards or flannel zebra jammies.” But, they added, marijuana isn’t something thrift shops can actually re-sell so therefore it is not something they can take as donations.
Growers in Seattle, if you’ve got an extra 2.5 pounds of herb laying around your house and want to give it away, thrift stores probably aren’t the best place to donate. Try a local patient collective instead.
Seriously though, this seems like a clandestine pickup location gone wrong. Of course, if that is the case then whoever thought this was a good spot to make an herb transaction probably should have looked at the pickup times a little closer.
The marijuana was taken in to police evidence where it will likely be destroyed.