Two East Coast marijuana dealers bust themselves in the same week


If you’re illegally dealing herb, it’s best to know who you’re texting when setting up a deal.
New Jersey’s Nicholas Delear found that out the hard way last week after unknowingly sending a message to a cop to set up a deal for a quarter pound of ganja.

Cops say that a detective randomly got a text to his new cell phone looking to set up a deal for a QP at a local pizza joint. The cop, who probably felt like it was fucking Christmas, texted back to set up the deal and planned a bust with his buddies.
Delear showed up to the pizza parlor and met with an undercover cop, but became suspicious and ran away without conducting any transactions. Cops then pulled over Delear, who refused to consent to a search of his vehicle (Editor’s note: which is exactly what he should have done).
The police brought out a drug sniffing dog, however, and were able to get a warrant to search the vehicle where they found four bags of herb and marijuana paraphernalia.
Possession of more than an ounce but under five pounds is a felony in New Jersey with a mandatory three year sentence and up to five years if the judge is a real asshole. Delear also faces up to $25,000 in fines.
There must be something in the water up there in New Jersey and New York these days, because Delear wasn’t the first idiot to bust himself last week. Cops in South Hempstead, an hour and a half to the east, made an equally-easy bust on 24-year-old Jonathan Moreno after Moreno reportedly let police into his house with marijuana paraphernalia out and pot smoke still lingering in the air.
Apparently, Moreno was out looking into the window of his car when burglary division police stopped him and asked for proof that the car was his. He said the proof was in his house and then asked the cops to come inside while he grabbed his paperwork.
Cops immediately turned the identification check into a marijuana bust, finding six pounds of herb and nearly $30,000 in cash. For that amount, Moreno will be facing felony charges with up to seven years in prison and $250 in fines.