Jamaican health minister supports medical cannabis use


While he hasn’t come around completely on recreational cannabis use, Dr. Fenton Ferguson, Jamaican Minister of Health, says medical cannabis should be legalized in his country.
“Jamaica can’t lock off itself from the rest of the world or the research findings that are available, that is pointing to a significant number of elicits that medical marijuana is responding to, so I want that to be very, very clear, that when it comes to medical marijuana, I am fully on board,” he tells the Jamaica Observer.

Ferguson has been an outspoken opponent to cigarette use in his country recently imposed heavy fines for smoking cigs in public areas
Jamaica has been seriously discussing cannabis decriminalization and possibly the legalization of small amounts of the plant over the last few months, with editorials popping up in the nation’s two largest papers in support of law changes.
Currently, cannabis is illegal in Jamaica despite the widespread prevalence of the plant on the island, though a bill decriminalizing up to two ounces of herb was submitted to the Jamaican House of Representatives and passed in early October.

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