Marijuana accounts for 15 percent of smell complaints in Denver


Denver is still considering measures to cut down on the skunky odor wafting through the Mile High city, but a recent report shows that cannabis is hardly the worst offender.
According to information that the Denver Department of Environmental Health shared at the Monday council meeting, this city’s residents are bothered by a lot worse odors than marijuana. In 2010, the DEH collected 98 total odor complaints — seven involving marijuana. In 2011, it heard 118, with eight involving marijuana. In 2012, Denver residents apparently had much more sensitive noses, making 288 complaints to the department, DEH head Doug Linkhart told councilmembers Monday — but only sixteen involved marijuana. And through September 20 of this year, there have been 85 complaints made, with just eleven involving marijuana. Denver Westword has the full, stinky story.