U.K. real estate site unknowingly posts pics of indoor grow operation


It may be a fixer-uper.

If you’re going to put your former grow house up for sale in a place where cannabis is illegal, clean out your pots, vents and lights before allowing the real estate agent takes photos for an online listing.
Police in Avon and Summerset, England say they raided a $230,000 two-bedroom home back in July after receiving a tip that a grow operation was blatantly listed online through Rightmove.com. Cops haven’t made any arrests, but removed all of the grow equipment according to the Telepgraph.

The unnamed real estate agent apparently had no clue what she had photographed in the upstairs bedrooms, only noting that the house was “in need of refurbishment”. Ironically, she did manage to point out the “pleasant rear garden”. The listing has since been pulled but thanks to the internet, you can still see it in Google’s cache (at least for now).

Rightmove.com via Google cache.

Residents in the neighborhood say they saw a woman move in, but that she quickly put up “net curtains” over all of the windows and that a “funny smell” developed around the neighborhood.
The website pulled the listing after it gained social media attention, but the house is apparently still up for sale. So, Bristol cannabis growers, if you’re looking for a house fully wired for your needs then make an offer. After all, it’s the perfect disguise to grow marijuana in a known former marijuana grow house.