Toronto councilmember defends his brother the Mayor by equating marijuana to crack


Wikimedia commons/Shaun Merritt.
Rob Ford.

The story of embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and his binge drinking, blow-snorting, crack-smoking (not so distant) past took yet another strange turn today when his brother berated city council and compared smoking crack to smoking cannabis. Toronto City councilor Doug Ford says his brother Rob is being unfairly persecuted by hypocrites.

“None of you have done anything wrong, ever. Never,” Doug Ford sneered at his fellow city leaders before pointing to one another councilor, pestering them with: “Have you ever smoked marijuana? Have you ever smoked marijuana? Have you ever smoked marijuana?”
Doug Ford then went on to ask everyone who has ever taken a puff of some green stuff to stand up and be counted. Nobody did, of course. It was probably more fun to watch him come unhinged before their eyes. Either way, he called everyone “holier than thou” and warned that his fellow council members shouldn’t be throwing rocks in glass houses.
Never mind that nobody else on Toronto city council is currently under investigation for drug use, Doug, your brother wasn’t caught smoking marijuana (though he did admit to that as well). He was caught smoking crack cocaine . That isn’t just illegal, it’s perceived as one of the single worst drugs the CIA has ever pumped into this country the Western world has ever had to deal with. One’s a medicine; the other is made with gasoline and battery acid then baking powder.
And we thought Canada was all hockey, ice fishing and friendly people, eh.
Watch a video of the incident over at the Toronto Star.