Texas man busted mailing THC-loaded e-cigs to mom’s house


Gordon Cellum.

Texans beware: The U.S. Postal service knows exactly why your packages from California smell vaguely like skunks.
Gordon Bryan Cellum, 35, from the (far) South Texas town of Edcouch found that out the hard way this week after federal agents busted him mailing four pounds of ganja and 105 e-cigarettes loaded with THC to himself. If we were subjected to the awful dirt weed Cellum was no doubt accustomed to down there, we’d probably consider the same thing.

U.S. Postal Service inspectors busted Cellum after finding packages loaded with the cannabis goodies back in October that stunk up the office like herb apparently. After cracking them open, the agents found the cache vacuum-wrapped (Editor’s note: apparently not well enough). The packages were addressed to Cellum’s mother and the mother of his girlfriend — neither of whom were charged.
Cellum’s excuse: he’s addicted to weed and all of it was for his personal use. Addicted to weed. Cannabis, the non-addicted substance? Really. That makes you and Lady Gaga, dude. That’s it.
According to KGBT news in Harlingen, Texas, Cellum has previous charges for drug possession as well as conspiracy to commit murder. He now faces federal charges. In Texas. For several pounds of pot and concentrates.
Should have just stayed in California and had someone ship your stuff to you instead, man.