Austin man facing felony charges for selling weed on Craigslist


Austin, Texas resident Corey Lynn Plumlee is allegedly pretty open about his pot use. That’s nothing out of the ordinary in Austin, which has a pretty cool attitude towards pot most of the time. But when you go bragging about it on Craigslist and start offering to hook strangers up with “Cali-style” nuggets, it’s going to draw some attention.
See, Austin is a cool town, but it’s not that cool – as Plumlee found that out the hard way earlier this week.

Under the headline of “420 Connection!” police say Plumlee posted the following:

“High! Sunny tday. I’m here for those looking for the budz, so kind, so green! I’m always Cali-style, fast easy, friendly, and central. Sweet smokie for those reg tokers. Cool white guy here, hmu, to get you set.”

Cops do know how to use the internet considering the post was chalked full of every easy keyword for pot, it probably didn’t take much for the po-po to pull up this one.
Cops say they set up a meeting with the Plumlee, who arrived with a half ounce of herb for the piggies. The piggies made the sale, then turned around and busted Plumlee for felony delivery of marijuana.
Plumlee is now facing a mandatory 180 days in jail (or more if the judge is a dick) and up to $10,000 in fines.