Vermont prisoner’s marijuana-smuggling scheme busted by a cell phone photo


We’ve been over this before, but bringing pot into prison for an incarcerated inmate is not the best idea, but it’s especially dumb if you’re already in jail yourself or happen to work there.
Case and point: Vermont inmates Trish Belliveau and Wesley Kidder and former Windsor Prison guard Brett Jasinski, both convicted of bringing marijuana into a detention facility after Belliveau bribed Jaslinski into bringing pot and cigarettes back into the prison while Belliveau was out on furlough. It’s a strange story that involves some bumbling cloak and dagger actions, notably that the entire thing was caught on security cameras.

Belliveau, who is currently serving three- to eight years on an unrelated misdemeanor charge, pleaded guilty Monday to charges of bribing Jaskinski at a gas station while Belliveau was out on furlough back in August of 2013. For $150, Jasinski was supposed to take cigarettes and “a couple of bags of weed” to 23-year-old Wesley Kidder who was also serving time in Windsor for sexual assault.
The low-tech handoff to one of Kidder’s cellmates involved Jasinski stuffing the smokes and weed into a potato chip bag and throwing the bag away in a trash can near his desk. Security cameras caught the whole thing, including Jasinski nervously checking his trash can through the day and, eventually, one of the inmates walking straight to the can, picking up the bag and walking off with it.
Of course, everything would have probably gone unnoticed had Kidder not kept photos of the weed on the illegal (and ironically named in this instance) cell phone he had stashed in his cell.
For their efforts, Belliveau received an additional three- to six-months to her time (six months is the maximum). Kidder got three more months himself, and Jasinski pleaded not guilty back in December of last year and is now waiting to go to trial, according to the Rutland Herald.