Phoenix pet docs exaggerate marijuana danger for pets in not-so-new news story


More people have been bringing their pets to Phoenix-area animal hospitals to treat marijuana ingestion, according to a local chain of animal clinics. According to the Emergency Animal Clinic — which owns five hospitals across Phoenix, the East Valley, and West Valley — there’s been a pretty sharp increase in such cases over the past few years.
According to the Emergency Animal Clinic, they averaged about six cases a month in 2012, nearly a dozen a month in 2013, and nearly two dozen a month so far this year.That increase happens to coincide with the opening of medical-marijuana dispensaries in Arizona. And you’d better believe the vets are making that connection.

The company says pets have gotten high from inhaling smoke, eating the dried plant matter, or eating marijuana-infused food products. As you can imagine, these local animal hospitals report seeing more cases of pets eating the marijuana-infused foods, and they’re less likely to eat a bag of plant matter.
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