Vice reporter smokes weed while interviewing Uruguayan president


A still from Vice’s interview with José Mujica.

Marijuana use, cultivation and sales of limited amounts is now legal in Uruguay, though the country is still working out the kinks on just how it will be grown. Uruguayan President José Mujica, 78, has made it clear that he’s never tried marijuana and that he doesn’t intend to do so, but he thinks is insane to continue arresting people for the plant.
It’s a big story: a country legalizing a plant that is illegal pretty much everywhere else around the world. So Vice Magazine sent reporter Krishna Andavolu down there to investigate and interview Mujica — where he promptly lit up a doobie in the nation’s leader’s garden.

Vice hasn’t released the entire interview yet, but they have put up this extremely intriguing clip.

For his part, Mujica seems to be cool about it — though he does take the opportunity to disparage drug abuse. “If you need to take drugs to be free, then you’re screwed,” he says. “Freedom is here [in your head]. Otherwise is doesn’t exist.”
Well played, the both of you.
No release date for the entire interview and segment, but knowing the good folks at Vice, it will be well done and worth checking out.