Top jobs in the cannabis industry to someone from a non-cannabis state


We really feel for our fellow writers at our sister paper in Houston, The Houston Press. Not only can they not legally go home and smoke marijuana, they don’t get the pleasure of covering the medical marijuana industry and culture from a first-hand perspective (except for the occasional strain review of lab-make smokable drugs often called “synthetic cannabis).
But they can dream, can’t they? Case and point: Angelica Leicht’s Best Pot-Related Jobs in the Cannabis Industry. Read on for more.

Honestly, we here at Toke of the Town (based in lovely, legal Colorado) love her wide-eyed view on the world of medical marijuana, especially her take on being a cannabis critic. From the Houston Press:

“Hey, so you know how pot is legal in some states, but totally not in Texas? Yeah, well, we’re not only missing out on those fancy tax dollars, but we’re also missing out on some serious business opportunities.
When surveying the dismal unemployment numbers, it may seem a thing of the past, and you may be right — for your state, anyway. But if you happen to reside in one of the states where pot is legal, job growth is actually a pretty common thing.
You see, folks, when you stop policing an entire plant like cannabis, and allow for it to be legally bought and sold instead, this magical thing happens — new businesses start to appear — and new jobs spring forth all willy-nilly. Crazy, I know, but it happens.
And those new businesses and new jobs are happening all over places like Colorado and Washington. Take, for instance, the grow shop. Don’t know what that is? Well, it’s the place where pot is legally cultivated, from seedling to massive plant. Those shops need folks to keep ’em running.
Or how about the medical aspect of pot? Yep, you guessed it. Medical professionals are needed to diagnose and prescribe, and office staff goes hand in hand with that type of business. So you don’t even have to be a medical doctor to land a job in medical marijuana; you just have to be able to set appointments or file paperwork.
But as great as those jobs sound, there are even better ones to be had in the pot industry. Don’t believe us? See below. But be careful; the word “budtender” may accidentally blow your mind. “

Click over to the Houston Press for her entire rundown of top cannabis industry jobs.