Colorado: Ratio of alcohol DUI busts to pot stops at weekend checkpoint was 21 to 1


Since legal sales of recreational marijuana got underway on January 1, state agencies have made a big push in regard to so-called stoned driving. Witness the Colorado Department of Transportation’s “Drive High, Get a DUI” campaign, which features a series of public-service announcements with a light touch.
Data revealing the scope of the problem has been hard to come by, as we’ve been reporting for months. But this weekend, we got anecdotal evidence from a Larimer County checkpoint that driving under the influence of alcohol remains a much, much larger issue than does its drug-related counterpart.

Between 10:55 p.m. May 9 and 2:30 a.m. May 10, the Fort Collins (Colorado) Police Department hosted a DUI sobriety checkpoint as part of the state’s ongoing efforts.
During the period in which the checkpoint was operational, 1,572 vehicles were contacted, resulting in 22 arrests. Of those busts, twenty of them were for either driving under the influence or driving while ability impaired, with one more made for minor consumption. There was only one arrest for pot, and it wasn’t even for driving under the influence.
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