Why the Minnesota Senate medical marijuana proposal is better than the House plan


Dusty Trice wants to go home.

Minnesota is possibly going to be the next state to legalize medical marijuana, though there’s two proposals before lawmakers currently and nobody is really sure which one should move forward. So why not ask a real medical marijuana patient who has fled Minnesota for medical cannabis-friendly California, but wants to return home? That’s exactly what our friends at the Minneapolis City Pages did.
Dusty Trice was enjoying a career in Democratic party politics before a tumor knocked him off his feet. Though benign, it had grown to the size of a quarter and was lodged against his spine. For hours he would lay on the floor just to build up the strength to go see a movie. Then about a year ago he left Minnesota for California in search of medical marijuana.

Last week’s discussions in the legislature have convinced Trice that the Senate bill is the superior of the two because it costs less and helps more Minnesotans — possibly himself — while meeting the regulatory demands of law enforcement groups. From his home in Los Angeles, Trice took language from a side-by-side comparison of the two bills and produced 20 colorful infographics that were blasted around Twitter (presented below).

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