Henry Rollins: Blowing the lid off of the pot


The legendary Henry Rollins writes a weekly column for our sister paper, the L.A. Weekly. This week, he gives us his take on the High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver — which he visited for a few hazy hours. Though the man doesn’t consume cannabis, he’s a supporter of the movement and his outside-looking-in take on the scene is a breath of fresh (okay, somewhat smoky) air:
“In Denver, I walked around for quite a while, looking for signs of a city disintegrating from the legalization of cannabis. I could not find any. I did see a lot of young people out on dates; none of them seemed to be stoned. The restaurants were filled with sleek, good-looking people who didn’t seem to be at all perturbed that, in several locations in their very snazzy city, one can purchase cannabis products. In fact, I could not detect any signs of chaos or unrest anywhere. The end didn’t seem to be nigh.

I don’t think there is a “cannabis culture,” any more than there is a “tobacco culture.” Cannabis consumption is not a fringe-element interest. Some might like to think it is, but that’s just prejudicial bullshit, intended to prolong the myth that only deviants and other undesirables seek out the weed.”
Check out a video of High Times’ Bobby Black with Rollins below, and read Rollins’ entire take on 4/20 in Denver over at the L.A. Weekly.