NFL to lighten up on pot?


According to sources, the NFL is reworking it’s drug policy to include a “higher threshold” for marijuana tests and reduce the penalties for athletes caught in violation of the league rules.

According to the source, the move could align the NFL with current World Anti-Doping Agency rules that set a 150 nanogram-per-milliliter limit on latent – or inactive – THC metabolites in a player’s system at the time of the test or at the time of competition. While everyone is different, most agree that it means players can toke up until about a week before their pre-game/match/race testing.
Interestingly, the talks on the NFL drug policy have been stalled since 2011 and not because of cannabis. Instead, the NFL Players Association and the NFL have locked horns over steroid and human growth hormone use. The player’s union says that they refuse to give NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell the power to be “judge, jury and executioner,” according to union president Eric Winston.