UK police say stolen Range Rover headlights are being used to grow marijuana


Apparently bored with actual news stories, the British media (namely the Daily Mail) has latched on to an absurd story that car thieves are stealing the LED headlights out of Range Rovers to use as cannabis grow lights.
That’s the working theory of police, who also admit that people could also be stealing the lights to outfit other, older Range Rovers with. The West Yorkshire police seem to be throwing out motives and seeing what sticks these days.

Cops in West Yorkshire say they’ve had at least 40 cases of light thefts so far.
See, Range Rover headlights tend to fit from model year to model year going back decades in some cases. All it takes to upgrade the face of a Rover is a new front grill and the updated halogen headlights.
Which would be a much more likely scenario than ripping off the entire front-end of a grill simply for the $45 55-watt light bulb that anyone could purchase in an auto parts store.
And since an entire new LED headlight setup will cost someone about $1,000 a pop, it’s understandable that a black market light setup would be a desirable option – especially if they are easy to steal. Which, of course, they are. Cops say it only takes about ten minutes to jack the headlights from a new/newer Range Rover and that they’ve even asked Land Rover, which makes the Range Rover, to address the problem themselves.
Below, check out a video from Discovery’s Wheeler Dealers TV show describing how easy it is to give an old Range Rover a “facelift” using newer lights: