Underground grow houses are apparently a common thing in Miami


Miami-Dade police.

Basements don’t really exist in Florida what with a large chunk of the state sitting at or below sea level, which makes the discovery of four underground grow houses in Miami in recent weeks somewhat newsworthy.
On Monday, police raided what is now the fourth “underground” grow house this year, including two based out of swimming pools.

The latest grow also appears to be home to a cockfighting training center, or whatever it is you call a room with a bunch of angry roosters all penned up in makeshift cages. Cops say the house was probably part of a “major” cockfighting ring.
Last week, cops say they busted another “sophisticated” grow. That grow happened to be near yet another hidden pot grow that was in an above-ground swimming pool. Cops say that all of the grows seem to have a similar layout and design with a hidden trap door beneath the master bedroom nightstand.
Both homes were raided based on tips from informants.
For those keeping score, that is four underground pot greenhouses police have busted in Florida in 2014. The first swimming pool grow we told you about earlier this year:
That grow was straight out of Cheech and Chong, with someone was growing a sizeable amount of herb in a camouflaged swimming pool in one backyard, complete with tunnel into the main house and everything. That operation was busted after cops pulled over a man in front of the house in a pot-reeking car filled with five pounds of pot. The owner of the vehicle apparently called his buddy in the house, who walked out and denied that anything was going on in the house and said cops could search the home.