1,000 pounds of pot found on Bay Area beach


Panga boats and marijuana bundles.

Are you missing 1,000 pounds of brick weed? If so, you’re probably dead by now. But if not, you should know that the Department of Homeland Security found your stash and your boat after it washed up on shore in the Bay Area overnight.

According to San Mateo County police, a white panga boat washed up on shore of Pescadero State Beach just a few hundred yards from a Chevy SUV loaded with pot yesterday.
Both vehicles were abandoned and cops say it looks like the truck became stuck in the beach sand. Police haven’t made any arrests, but picked up 42 bales of pot weighing about 30 pounds each out of the truck and boat.
Cops say the boat could have come from Sinola as it was loaded with extra fuel tanks and twin-engines.
Federal agents have taken over the case. For video, check out NBC Bay Area’s coverage below: