Eight marijuana edibles perfect for the Florida palate


Forget the pot brownie.

With poll numbers showing that Floridians will likely pass a medical marijuana amendment in November, its time to start thinking long and hard about what it will look like in Florida.
For many people with illnesses, smoking medical marijuana may not be the best route.
Marijuana edibles are already a booming business in states that have legalized the treatment, but often those products may not be best suited for the delicate Florida palate. Riptide cares deeply about people getting the best medical care possible, and wants to ensure that every Floridian gets the best treatment possible. As such, we’ve researched some ways to inject some medicinal herb into Florida’s favorite foods.

Derickbaumgartner/Wikimedia Commons.

Kief Lime Pie
Key Lime Pie is undoubtedly Florida’s signature dish, and fittingly there is already at least one recipe online for how to inject a little medicinal herb into it. The nice thing about the recipe is the special ingredient is only in the crust. That way you’re not messing with the tasting of the filler, and you can actually eat a sizable slice without worrying about getting too high.

Cosmic Croquetas
There are very few places outside Miami where it would occur to anyone to put weed in Cuban croquetas, so there’s not a recipe online (nor for just more general croquettes). There is however recipes for cannbis flour. SF Weekly has the details. So just ask your abuela for her recipe and experiment.
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