York, Maine activists submit signatures for citywide pot legalization


Following in the footsteps of Portland, Maine last year, activists in York, Maine say they have collected enough signatures to get a pot legalization measure on the November city ballot.
If approved by voters, the measure would make the possession in the city of up to one ounce of pot legal for adults 21 and up. The penalty is currently a $600 fine.

Citizens for a Safer Maine today announced that they had collected 200 signatures – twice the amount required – and have submitted them to the city recorder for verification.
The measures would largely be symbolic. Marijuana possession of up to 2.5 ounces is a civil infraction in Maine, with a maximum punishment of a $600 fine. While it would give York cops room for discretion, there’s no sign that they would respect the measure. Police in Portland say they’ll still enforce state laws. The measure also doesn’t legalize the cultivation or purchasing of cannabis.