Florida man arrested for beating his brother with a pot plant


Under normal circumstances, marijuana is a weed of pacifists and does not, in any way, lead to the shrieking threat of violence. However, in the lunatic clutches of two brothers with more red-eyed testosterone than anything resembling common sense, we suppose then, and only then, is this magnificent flower capable of being hazardous to someone’s health.
Just ask 33-year-old Florida resident Jackie Brown, who was savagely beaten over the weekend with several cannabis plants after he and his younger brother, 31-year-old Rodney Brown, allegedly got into a knuckle-headed argument over what appears to be the family business – an illegal marijuana grow operation.

The whole wild-eyed scene began after neighbors reportedly heard the Brown brothers lock horns in a snarling slobber bash of immense proportions from their backyard. Apparently, the raucous vibrations of the two’s brotherly misunderstanding were so intense, the narkie neighbors could not think of anything better to do than put a call in to the local sheriff’s department.
When authorities arrived on the scene, they discovered that Rodney Brown had pulled a number of three-foot-tall marijuana plants up from the roots and used them to whip his brother Jackie about the face and neck like a redheaded stepchild. Sheriff’s deputies were forced to step in and break up the quarreling siblings, who soon realized that their dimwitted rampage of weed slinging antics had likely earned them a couple of felony charges and a complimentary night’s stay in Polk County Jail.
Indeed, the Brown brothers were left sitting with their tails between their legs while sheriff’s deputies ransacked their home in search for additional marijuana-infused weaponry, which they found – 10 marijuana plants and an assortment of paraphernalia.
Reports indicate that while the two brothers shared the Lakeland home, only Rodney Brown was sent to the clink for his role in the pot plant tirade. Police charged him with domestic battery, cultivation of marijuana and possession of over 20 grams, which could land him in prison for the next five years.
Rumor has it that after the police took Rodney to jail, older brother, Jackie, simply called his mother and said, “Mom, Rodney hit me with weed again.”
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