Angela Brown, Minnesota Mom, Faces Jail For Giving Son Medical Marijuana From Boulder


Angela Brown.

The number of children registered as medical marijuana patients in Colorado continues to grow: The digits rose from 305 to 337 in a month, with reports suggesting that many of the additions are moving here from other states.
The story of Minnesota’s Angela Brown could well inspire even more people with sick kids to relocate. She’s now been charged with a crime and could face jail time for providing her head-injured son with medical marijuana legally purchased during a visit to Boulder.

The story comes to us from WCCO-TV in Minnesota. Angela and David Brown tell the station that their son Trey, fifteen, suffered a traumatic brain injury while playing baseball three years ago.
Afterward, Trey regularly suffered from headaches, seizures and more. His condition was severe enough, the Browns say, that he couldn’t attend school and began engaging in dangerous behavior. Specifically, he began to hit and cut himself.
With traditional medical care appearing to have little effect, the family traveled to Colorado this past winter and purchased some cannabis oil — the treatment touted in the 2013 CNN reports about seizure-stricken Charlotte Figi that fueled a rush to Colorado by parents of children afflicted with similar conditions.
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