Another huge marijuana field found outside of Houston


Marijuana in Houston might be a little harder to come by this fall*, after cops in Fort Bend County just outside of Houston say they’ve busted a five-acre crop of ganja growing in the woods behind an old prison.

Cops say they found two fields about two months ago and were staking them out on Tuesday when two men – presumably the growers – showed up. Cops say one aimed a pellet gun at the cops before turning and high tailing into the woods. The two men were not found.
Cops, predictably, were full of themselves for stumbling upon a pot grow that otherwise would have been an undetected massive haul.
“This isn’t corn,” Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls told News 2 Houston. “This is a cash cow for some should they have been successful, they would have been very wealthy at the end of this. We ruined somebody’s day today.”

Fort Bend County Sheriff Department.

The two men had apparently been camping out at the site, which was only accessible by boat and ATV to the likely overweight police force. Water was supplied by a nearby gully and was piped to the plants via irrigation lines.
On the ground, the plants were pretty hard to spot and likely would have gone to harvest. But from the air? Well, they stand out even in the marshy Texas woods:


Cops estimate the haul had a value of about $1 million.
Of course, the local news took the scariest angle they could find, pointing out that the grow was close to a neighborhoods with families and children. They even found paranoid parents to talk with. Check out video from Houston’s Channel 2 News below:
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This is the second large-scale grow busted near Houston in recent weeks. Back in July a hunter scouting out land before deer hunting season began stumbled upon a 100,000-plant operation cops valued at nearly $2 million. Prisoners from a nearby penitentiary had to be called in to pull up the plants.
* By “might be” we mean to say that marijuana will be just as easy to find in Houston, as this bust is just a drop in the bucket in the perpetually-failing war on cannabis.