Man named Stoner busted for marijuana in Virginia


Paul Stoner.

Paul Stoner has an unfortunate name.
Not that it is a bad one, it’s just that when a guy named “Stoner” gets busted for marijuana in this country, it is bound to get headlines.

Cops near Charlottesville, Virginia busted Stoner last week with more than $10,000 worth of cannabis, guns, pipes, needles, “spoons” and prescription medications in his Orange County, Virginia home. They say he also had an outdoor marijuana grow.
The reason for the raid? Cops say that sources told them that Stoner was selling weed to kids.
Stoner, 42, was charged with manufacturing marijuana and possession of a firearm. Cops say they may charge him with more.
If found guilty, Stoner will be facing a mandatory five years for felony manufacturing and could see up to 25 more if the judge is feeling mean. The gun possession, which will likely fall under “maintaining a fortified drug house”, will net him anywhere from a mandatory year up to ten years. If they slap him with sales to a minor, he’s looking at an additional, mandatory two years all the way up to fifty years in jail as well as $100,000 in fines. The state can also seize Stoner’s house and cars.