Autopsy doc suggests that weed made Michael Brown act “in a crazy way” the night he was shot by police


There is so much speculation surrounding the killing of Michael Brown, the unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri. Despite eyewitness accounts, a federal investigation by the Justice Department, and three separate autopsies, there is still no common consensus as to what exactly happened that fateful day.
Much like in the case of the death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, there seems to be a go-to formula that the defenders of the shooters tend to roll out each time we face one of these tragedies, and it seems to always paint the dead victim as a dangerous pothead.

It is probably a good thing that some follow-up autopsies were performed, judging by recent statements made by Dr. Michael Baden, the man who performed the initial autopsy on Michael Brown after the shooting.
In an interview on Monday night with creepy FOX NewsBot Greta Van Susteren, the otherwise well-respected Doc Baden had some rather incompetent things to say about the toxicology report associated with the case, even though he readily admitted he hadn’t read it himself.
Responding to a blindingly stupid question from Van Susteren about the marijuana found in Brown’s system, and whether it may be “laced with anything”, Dr. Baden consciously spoke out against well known facts in a scene that could have easily been plucked from the frames of Reefer Madness.
“Very important with marijuana is the levels of the different drugs that are present in marijuana to have an opinion as to whether or not he might have been affected by the marijuana,” Baden told Van Susteren, “so that he may have been acting in a crazy way and may have done things to the police officer that normally he would not have done.”
I’m not a doctor, but let’s break that down if we can.
“Very important with marijuana is the levels of the different drugs that are present in marijuana to…”
Stop, Dr. Baden, just stop.
The “different drugs that are present in marijuana”?
Right out of the gates, the good doctor reveals a glaring ignorance on the subject of cannabis. then wraps up his quote by clearly suggesting that the marijuana present in 18-year-old Michael Brown’s system when he was shot may have made him act “in a crazy way”.
Dr. Michael Baden

Van Susteren, of course, allowed this bullshit to flood the airwaves unchallenged, neglecting to ask the doctor a simple follow-up question of how long the THC found in Brown’s system may have been there.
Michael Brown was no small dude. The type of dude that could easily share a joint with friends one summer Saturday evening, and still have it register on a toxicology report taken a month or more later.
The weed detected in his system plays absolutely no role in the case of his killing.
Either Dr. Baden knows this, and twisted the truth as part of some pro-law enforcement agenda, or he doesn’t know about THC being detected long after it is consumed. Whichever it is, he probably should never be given a microphone ever again.
The same goes for Greta.