Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul Weed Interview: “I Make Noodles With Weed Butter”


DJ Paul and cohorts

DJ Paul isn’t just a codeine syrup sippin’ Memphis thug. He’s an Academy Award winner alongside his Three 6 Mafia brethren for their original song “It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp,” for the movie Hustle & Flow.

He’s got an album dropping September 2nd, The Killjoy Club, with the Insane Clown Posse, and another soon after with Da Mafia 6ix, who he is currently on tour with.

He’s also an avid pot head and bbq sauce impresario who loves marijuana edibles and having a good time. Here’s what he had to say about smoking Headbanger, starting a dispensary, and what he thinks of dabs.

How’d you start smoking weed?
Man, I started in the 5th grade. My brother was a big time drug dealer. Well actually two of them were. But the one I’m talking about, he dealt in cocaine. This was in the 80’s. He pretty much lived in Miami and came back and forth to Memphis where I grew up at. He didn’t like weed, cause at that time it wasn’t really worth no money. So when people gave him free weed, he’d just give it to me and my other brother, Lord Infamous. We’d roll it up into these long skinny joints we called “rockets,” and we’d sell em’ at school for $6 each. We’d smoke all the joints we could and sell the rest.

In your opinion, what state has the best weed?

I don’t know right now. I would say Cali, but other states are catching up since it got legalized. I just came through Colorado, and Colorado is puttin’ it down.

What do you think of legalization?

I think it’s a great thing in the world, cause the country is on its way to hell. I probably won’t be around alive when it happens, but hopefully my family will be alright. The country is going to hell, but one thing could maybe save it. Weed. The government spends money on the wrong shit. They wanna go to war with a country that could blow our ass to shit. And the internet is so fucked up right now, people don’t spend money on music, or movies, or pay-per-view like they used to. The whole fuckedupness of the internet has a devastating effect. They should throw it our right now. But if they can get people to pay for legal marijuana, stay out of jail, and not have to fight bullshit charges, they could make money, keep people out of trouble, and everybody is happy. It would really help the economy.

Whats your favorite strain?
Man, I don’t smoke as much as I used to. I lost track of the names. But my favorite when I get it handed to me at a concert is that Headbanger. It keeps you clocked in, and you don’t get sleepy. It’s my favorite. I heard that’s what Dr Dre smokes, so that’s what I do when I’m in the studio.


What do you think about edibles?
I love edibles! Now those, I know, cause in Cali they got all kinds. My favorite is the weed lemonade, the weed fruit punch, and the weed butter, cause you can make shit with it. I make noodles and pasta. And I love the weed candy, like the Jolly Ranchers, and the peanut butter cups. I could eat those all day.

Do you mess with dabs and wax?
Nah, I never did that. I don’t fuck with that.

Blunts, bongs, or joints?
I like joints. I like joints better than blunts. I used to smoke the shit out of blunts, but I like the smell of a joint better than a blunt. I like pipes too. I just got this electric one that’s shaped like an iPhone, and when you squeeze the side, the lighter pops up, goes into the bowl and lights it for you for as long as you hit it. Bout $500 I paid for that. I have a lot of things that I get all over.

You have your own BBQ sauce company, will you be a marijuana entrepreneur?

I wanted to. I wanted to have a dispensary. They make crazy money. But you can’t tell where it’s gonna end up. They say it’s legal, but they still watch the hell out of you, and give you hell about other shit. I had a friend who went out to Vegas to open stores. It’s legal to a certain point there, and he went there and lost money. At the end of the day, the government is still watching you like a motherfucker for the pace you’re producing at and how much you say you sell.A couple of years ago they shut down a bunch of dispensaries in LA. And they made a new law where you can only have so many customers so that they can predict how much you’re supposed to sell and charge you taxes on that. They had to govern it to lock it down. That’s bullshit. And I’m a rapper, so you know they’d look at me extra hard. I don’t have time to play games with the government. But I might have to wait a few years and see what happens.