Colombian President Endorses Federal Medical Marijuana Proposal


A measure to legalize cannabis for medical reasons in Colombia got a big endorsement yesterday when President Juan Manuel Santos told a drug policy committee that he would like to see the law passed.
Of the law, he says it is “a practical, compassionate measure to reduce the pain, anxiety of patients with terminal illnesses, but also a way of beginning to strip from the hands of criminals the role of intermediary between the patient and the substance that allows them to relieve their suffering.”

The law changes would improve access to marijuana as well as legalize the cultivation of herb by patients and designated clinics. Marijuana possession of up to 20 grams is already decriminalized in the country, but Santos says the proposed medical marijuana plan would remove the need to illegally obtain marijuana.
And Colombia has a lot of marijuana. According to military officials, there is already about 1.5 square miles of pot fields that they know of. Not only that, but their weed is cheap. $230 for a pound. That’s what you’ll pay for two ounces in Colorado on the medical market.
Sen Juan Manuel Galan introduced the measure. He says that Colombia is just one of several South American and Central American countries may soon make similar proposals, including Argentina, Chile and Brazil.
The earliest the bill could pass would be June 2015.