Oklahoma cop accused of raping woman after bogus pot traffic stop



Cash strapped police precincts are getting especially aggressive on traffic stops, since the revenue the patrol cops draw from writing tickets helps to keep the lights on back at the station. But when not enough people are caught texting while driving, or failing to come to a complete stop, or speeding away from bank robberies, a cop’s gotta do what a cop’s gotta do.
With no time for pesky little things like warrants, cops these days can search your vehicle – regardless of your past criminal record, or lack of – with nothing more than what they like to call probable cause. All too often, all an officer has to say to gain their all-important probable cause is that they can smell weed in the car.

This new age highway banditry behind a badge is based loosely on a 1925 Supreme Court ruling in Carroll v United States which declared, “contraband goods concealed and illegally transported in an automobile or other vehicle may be searched for without a warrant”.

Ripe for abuse and misjudgment, it should come as no surprise that those are the exact results we are now suffering through as a society. But few have suffered from this abuse of power as much as a young lady from Oklahoma known only by the initials A.M.F.
A lawsuit was filed in Federal court this past Monday alleging that Oklahoma Highway Patrol Officer Eric Roberts kidnapped and raped the 28-year old female known as A.M.F. after a midday traffic stop that had bullshit written all over it from the beginning.
On July 22nd, 2014, A.M.F. and a friend were leaving a Tulsa-area shopping center when Officer Roberts, travelling the opposite direction, made direct creepy eye contact with A.M.F. as they passed one another. He flipped around, followed them like those fuckers like to do, then pulled them over right down the street, where they both pulled into a motel parking lot.
Upon approaching the vehicle, Officer Roberts immediately announced that he could smell weed in the car. The young lady behind the wheel had a virtually spotless record, and was intimidated by Officer Roberts to exit her vehicle and get into his.
The following is her account of what happened next, and what the lawsuit is based on.
She says that when Officer Roberts said he could smell weed in the car, his next words to her were “You just made my day.”
Once separated from her friend, she claims that Officer Roberts began asking her increasingly disturbing questions, and asked whether or not she had a phone with internet on it. She told him she did.
At that point she says she was truly scared for her life. But she still had her friend.
According to the suit, Officer Roberts instructed A.M.F. to return to her car and tell her friend to get a room at the motel without her – so she did.
Now alone with Officer Roberts, she says he told her to drive them, in her car, to a nearby corner store, where she says he bought two bottles of drinking water before returning to his cruiser.
She states that he ordered her into his cruiser, where she was made to strip down naked. She was then ordered to pull out her smart phone and access a very specific porn website, and an even more specific video titled “gym teacher lesbians”.
Roberts then made this woman perform various sexual acts, on herself, while he drove and the video played. A.M.F. says she was getting calls from her concerned friend, and every call would shut off the video, followed by an order from her captor to start it over again.
When the car stopped, A.M.F. says that Officer Eric Roberts of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol brutally raped her in the squad car, thoughtlessly tossing the spent condom aside when he was done, and washing his cursed genitals with the store-bought water.
A predator with a plan – a premeditated one if the allegations are true.
When Roberts dropped the woman back at her car, she says he told her, “I’ll see you later.”
She immediately went to a friend with her story, and her friend filed the report against Officer Roberts on her behalf.
Following the announcement of the lawsuit on Monday, a spokesperson for the Oklahoma Highway Patrol stated that an in-depth internal investigation is already underway, and that Officer Roberts had been placed on leave with his pay, his career, and potentially his own freedom, all pending the outcome of that investigation.
In full cooperation with the investigators, A.M.F. took them to the store where Roberts allegedly bought the water, as well as to the exact area where she says he raped her. According to her, they might have even found the…evidence…that Roberts may have so casually tossed aside.
Since she faces no charges, it’s safe to say they never found any weed in her car either.
The instances of police and law enforcement officers blatantly abusing their power are on the rise. What might be the most disturbing part is that they know damn well that this day and age, the world is going to see it.
Yet it keeps happening.