Chicago Bans (Already Illegal) Weed Smoking in City Parks and Harbors


Don’t light up your herb in a Chicago park or harbor, or you could be facing a $500 smoking ticket.
Well, you could also be facing a lot of other charges. Including a $500 civic charge for possession of up to 15 grams (or 30 days in jail for a little more than that), or a $750 fine and up to a year in jail for paraphernalia possession if the officer is a real dick. And they’ll bust you, oh they’ll bust you.
But now the Chicago Parks District wants you to know they mean business as well.

The ban also includes the usual cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco. But it also includes vaporizers (both weed and nicotine) as well as “lighted or vaporized substance in any manner or form”. That means incense too, you dirty hippies.
All of these changes were made just days before the massive punk-rock filled Riot Fest is set to take over Humboldt Park (Editor’s note: of course it would be at Humboldt park). The parks service tells the Chicago Tribune they’ll get temporary signs in place for the event.