Philadelphia Mayor Sets October 20 as Decriminalization Day


This year, 10/20 is the new 4/20. At least, in Philly where Mayor Michael Nutter says he will have the bill signed by that soon-to-be stoney Monday.
We reported earlier this week that the Philadelphia City Council reconvenes this week to a proposal making 30 grams of pot or less a civil infraction that has been sitting on lawmakers desks all summer break. Council comes back today and will get the measure on the fast track to becoming law.

City councilman Jim Kenny, who authored the legislation that has gained support of 12 out of 13 of his colleagues, says he hopes to one day legalize and regulate cannabis in the city, but says this move is a good start.
Mayor Nutter, who hasn’t been the warmest person to the cannabis movement by any stretch, reminded the public at a press conference yesterday that the move doesn’t legalize marijuana whatsoever.
“I want to stress that the proposed amendments do not legalize marijuana,” Nutter said, according to the Philadelphia City Paper. “The bill decriminalizes penalties for marijuana possession. That means it will now be a civil penalty to be found with small amounts of marijuana, and will not result in an arrest or a criminal record.”
As of October 20, if you’re caught by the cops with 30 grams of pot or less on you, it’s a $25 ticket instead of being arrested and fined up to $500. Smoking cannabis in public will also be decriminalized, but you’ll face a $100 fine.