Is Utah Marijuana Compact the New Blueprint for Stopping Pot Legalization?



Does Paula Riggs, Christian Thurstone and Bob Doyle of Project SAM want to keep marijuana illegal so they can profit off of treatment?

A recent poll suggested that a majority of Coloradans were unhappy with marijuana legalization — findings embraced by anti-pot activists who’d ignored previous surveys showing the opposite.
Now, cannabis critics like these are working to prevent legalization from spreading to other states — and a document called the Utah Marijuana Compact offers insight into their methods.

Information about the compact comes to us via Cannabis Now magazine. In an article headlined “Anti-Marijuana Group Project SAM Uses Federally Funded Non-Profits to Push 2015 Legislation,” journalist Angela Bacca takes a close look at Project SAM, a group launched in Denver circa 2013 by former Rhode Island Representative Patrick Kennedy and ex-White House drug policy adviser Kevin Sabet.
In the piece, Bacca suggests that many of those involved in Project SAM have a profit motive for maintaining marijuana prohibition — a theme also sounded by a piece in The Nation entitled “The Real Reason Pot Is Still Illegal.”
In other words: of course they want to keep it illegal and tell you that it’s addictive, they stand to make millions off of your “treatment”.
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