Angela Brown, Minnesota Medical Cannabis Mom, Due in Court Today; Charges Haven’t Been Dropped


Angela Brown with her son, Trey.

Last month, we told you about Angela Brown, the Madison, Minnesota resident who was charged with two gross misdemeanors for giving cannabis extracts to her teenage son, Trey, to treat a traumatic brain injury he suffered in 2011.
Brown’s story generated quite a stir, mostly among people who couldn’t begin to understand why the Lac Qui Parle county attorney, Richard Stulz, thought it was a good idea to press charges in this case. But the controversy apparently didn’t deter Stulz, as this morning Brown is due in court in Montevideo, where she plans to enter a “not guilty” plea

Brown tells us she’s heard from at least 20 people who plan to hold a silent protest on her behalf in and around the courthouse. She says she’s holding out hope the charges will be dropped today, but since there’s been minimal communication between her lawyer and the prosecution, she doesn’t know what to expect.
“The prosecution hasn’t said anything about wanting to [drop the charges],” Brown says. “[Stulz] told people in the little old ladies’ coffee group that he felt he needed to charge the way he did, that he had no other choice… so both my lawyer and I feel it may end up going to trial.”
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