NFL to Raise THC Limits for Players?


Toke of the Town 2014.

According to sources within the NFL Players Union, the NFL is discussing the possibility of lowering the threshold for a positive THC test to 150 nanograms of metabolites per one milliliter of blood.
If approved, that would mean that players could use cannabis pretty much up until the day before a game and still be able to pass the tests – essentially loosening the league’s anti-pot stance.

The current policy sets the nanogram limit at 15 nanograms for every milliliter of blood, which could snag players up to several weeks after they’ve last used cannabis. The change in policy would align the NFL with the current World Anti Doping Agency specifications. The WADA is the controlling body for all Olympic testing. By comparison, Major League Baseball has a 50 nanogram threshold.
The news comes too late to players like Josh Gordon, the Browns receiver recently suspended for a full year for testing positive at 16 nanograms per milliliter. Gordon’s teammate, Joe Thomas says he isn’t going to defend Gordon’s actions but says the NFL’s policy is a load of crap.
“I think looking at the NFL drug program, I think they haven’t really touched it in a lot of years because it’s kinda been the one thing when you’re collectively bargaining that it kinda gets put to the end and then when you’re close on a deal you just say ‘ahh let’s just leave it how it’s been’ rather than actually work on maybe some issues that are there,” Thomas told CBSSports. “I think there’s a resistance from management of the NFL and also from the players association to do that type of needed updating of the drug policy because obviously there’s some oversights when they wrote the program and some cultural changes that have happened that I don’t think the program accurately reflects the morals of society today and the NFL and pro sports in general.”