Styles P from The Lox, The Weed Interview


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SP with a Beerglass oil rig in Los Angeles

Styles P, Sheek Louch, and Jadakiss from The LOX used to blaze blunts with Biggie Smalls while busy writing hits like “It’s All ABout The Benjamins” for Puff Daddy at Bad Boy Records.

Later, the Notorious got killed, and The LOX broke free from their contract via popular uprising by their fans. They joined DMX and the Ruff Ryders, and later went independent by starting D-Block Records.

Today the crew is still together, tougher than ever, and constantly writing, recording, and touring. And Styles P is still an avid proponent of the pot head lifestyle, and marijuana legalization. Here’s what he had to say about vegan edibles, “white people music,” and Sour vs Haze.

How did you start smoking weed?
Uhm, I guess around the neighborhood. One of my friends from school and shit.

What is your favorite strain?
It depends on the season, and wat’s going around. Actually, I don’t consider myself a connoisseur, but I like Girl Scout Cookies. I like Kush. I’m a New York nigga, so you know that Sour Diesel is one of my favorites. I rep the Sour hard. Of course, I love the Haze. And I’m a real stoner, so you know I like a little bit of chocolate (tides) from the yard. That original chocoalte. That sticky one. I actually just had some of that recently. Not sticky like the Sour, but stuck together like a pellet. It’s a beautiful weed.

What do you think of wax?

Yknow, to be honest, I chilled out on the wax. I think it’s cool, but you gotta know where you’re getting it from, who you’re getting it from, and what’s in it, if it’s butane or what. I’m an occasional waxer, but it’s a kinda heavy high and I like to be up all day and working a liot. I’m not an everyday dabber. It slows me down too much. I think, I save the wax for special occasions and from a dispensary or someone that you can trust that the methods are right.

Blunts, joints, bongs, or pipes?
I’m gonna go with bong. Bong first. I go with the bong first, then the pipe, then papers, then Dutches. Years ago, I was the exact opposite. I think the bong is cleaner because the smoke goes through the water and that kind of purifies it. It gives me a cleaner feeling. And the high goes to the head. The paper and the Dutch is more of a body high for me. The bong is more straight for a performing experience.

What do you think of edibles?
Like, I’m vegan so it’s hard to find good edibles, but I had a good one a little while ago from Daddy Pipes out in LA, they had a vegan weed bar. My man Adam hit me up and put me on to it. That was pretty good.

Best music to smoke to?
All music really. Music and weed I think has to do with how you’re feeling that day, and where your energy is, but specifically I would say Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Biggie Smalls of course, James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, Prince, 90s hip hop in general, and 1980’s white people music.

Hahahaha. What’s that?

White music, you know, Elton John, Hall and Oates. Shit like that. See, I was born in 1974. In the 80’s classic rock was really classic. Real dope.

What do you think of legalization?
Weed should definitely be legalized. It’s documented that alcohol kills people. It’s documented that cigarettes kill people. Weed doesn’t kill anyone. It’s a no brainer. The government just has to figure out a way to get money off it and get the shit over with.

How many people do you know who have been arrested for marijuana?
I couldn’t even tell you off the top of my head. I would say thousands.

You own your own Juices For Life juice bars in New York…What made you start that up?

Health. Just being more health conscious, living a balanced life, and giving back to the people. When you start making money and living better you see the difference between shopping at Whole Foods and the local hood supermarket. The idea is to help take care of the community and teach people how to eat better and give back to the world as much as I can. Health is wealth. Movement is medicine.

What do you think about molly, pills, and all the Chinese chemicals they call drugs now?

I’m a weed man. I don’t think about that. I think about weed. I don’t think that should exist.

Have you ever hallucinated from smoking weed?


Would you ever start a marijuana dispensary or farm?

For sure. Not yet, but I will. Eventually I will.

Where do you record your music and what are you working?

D-Block studios. Yonkers, New York. Right now we’re working on the Lox album, “We Are The Streets: Part II.” Also, I’m dropping a project in September or October, a little solo joint for online. Sheek Louch is workin =g on his solo, Jadakiss is working on his “No Security II.” So, we’re pretty much around the clock with it in the studio.

Indoor weed or outdor weed?

Indoor if it’s green, outdooor if it’s brown.

How much could you smoke in one day?

Probably a zip, around a zip if I’m smoking and working. It’s like food. You gotta share it with the homies. The more you got, the faster it goes.

You came out with a book in 2010, “Invincible,” when’s the next one?

After the Lox album is complete I’m gonna put out another one.

Would you ever start a publishing house?

I’m looking into that right now as we speak. I’m working on my second book. My wife is working on a book. And I’ve got a couple of friends interested in doing it too.


I saw you came out with a weed clothing line collaboration. Can you explain about that some?
Yeah, we did that with my man at 8&9 Clothing. The Sour vs Haze collabo. All the real pot heads know that I’m a Sour head, and Jadakiss is a Haze head, and we’re always debating about which is better, Sour vs Haze. So I met with Ray and we did a shirt for it.

Why do you go Sour?
I think it depends on what kind of smoker you is. Sour gets you higher. It gets the job done faster, and it’s a more pleasant high. Sour is more of an Indica, and Haze is more of a Sativa.

How would you describe the difference between Indica and Sativa?
As a smoker, I would say that Sativas have you more relaxed and more down, more serious kinda thinking. But for me, Sour is more of a get up and party high. Haze puts me in the super deep zone and I only really mess with two Sativas, that’s Haze and Jack Herrer. After I been smoking Kush or Girl Scout Cookies all day, a good joint of that Jack Herrer wakes me right up.