Sheriff of Largest Department in U.S. Not Campaigning Against Florida Medical Pot


Sheriff Scott Israel has more important things to do than campaign against affordable healthcare for Floridians.

United for Care, a pro-medical marijuana lobby backed by attorney John Morgan, faces its biggest opponent: Florida’s cops. In June, members of the newly formed Don’t Let Florida Go to Pot coalition assembled in Tallahassee to educate voters on the dangers of marijuana and discourage voters from passing Amendment 2, which will be on the ballot this November. Although the group has more than 100 partners, its biggest advocate is the Florida Sheriff’s Association.
However, support from that group is not unanimous — only 63 of Florida’s 67 sheriffs have jumped aboard the Reefer Madness train. Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is one of the outliers who has resisted joining. His stance is notable not only because he runs the biggest police agency in Florida but because BSO is the largest sheriff’s department in the country. More at the Broward-Palm Beach New Times.