California Prison Guard Busted for Illegal Marijuana Grow


If you’re going to put yourself in a position of authority over people wrongly arrested for cannabis and become a prison guard, it’s best not to grow and sell cannabis yourself. One might get labeled a hypocrite.
Eddie Lay, a state corrections officer with the California Department of Corrections, was arrested along with four others last night in Sacramento when police raided six grow locations around town.

According to cops, this alleged hypocrite has been the target of an eight-month investigation that started with an anonymous tip that an unnamed law enforcement officer was tied in with an illegal street gang. Cops narrowed it down to Lay with help from the California Department of Corrections internal affairs office. Wednesday night was the culmination of their efforts, when they rounded up Lay and four others for illegally growing and selling cannabis.
In total, cops found 617 plants and about 250 pounds of dried herb spread between the six locations along with guns and around $5,000 in cash.

Eddie Lay.