Tampered Electrical Lines Leads to (Yet Another) Massive Grow Bust in Houston-area


It’s not been a good harvest season for growers in the Houston area. As we’ve reported numerous times here over the last few months, cops seem to be on a roll busting massive grow operations. This week, they’ve ruined another good thing, busting up a grow operation in a Humble home that cops are valuing (in cop dollars) $2 million on the street.

Cops say they were alerted to the grow after and electric company worker noticed that the electrical box for the house had been messed with, likely to bypass the meter to help hide the increased electrical power that the grow room used.

According to witnesses, the cops treated the pot farm like it was Breaking Bad.
“I walked by the house around 9:30 a.m. to pick up my mail,” Greg East, who lives in the area, told YourNewsHouston.com. “HCSO deputies were still there and I saw at least one person in a protective suit. I couldn’t tell if they were still moving something out of the office or if they had finished.”
Likely the actual value was way, way less. The grow had about 500 plants, so cops are saying each plant was worth $4,000. We’re assuming they’re assuming that each plant yields at least a pound of pot each. Judging by photos of the bust, that wasn’t the case at all.

Cops want you to believe each of those scraggly plants is worth $4,000.

Either way, finding good herb in Houston might get a little harder this fall and winter for some people.
No arrests have been made as of Wednesday.