Defendant in Major New York Marijuana Trafficking Case Found Murdered in LA


Akiva “David” Saltzman.

A New York man facing prison time for pot trafficking was found shot execution-style in a burned out car in Los Angeles earlier this month. The New York Daily News is reporting that Akiva “David” Saltzman was killed on October 3, though his attorney is saying it is unrelated to the case.

Cops have repeatedly said that Saltzman – who pled guilty to marijuana distribution charges in 2012 – was not a rat. He was only facing about two years of prison time, according to the Daily News. Saltzman was named as player in a Staten Island-based marijuana smuggling ring run by an Orthodox Jew who lives with his parents. Seriously.
For his part, Saltzman says he never knew the extent of the business he was doing and had no clue that he was a part of a much, much larger operation.
This pot ring clearly has some bad mojo working. The website also points out that another associate in the drug ring was killed in a motorcycle accident in 2009, though the driver of the car that struck the motorcycle was not charged with any criminal charges and the guy killed on the (brand new) bike only had a learner’s permit and had failed to stop at the red light.