Nestdrop App Will Soon Deliver LA Residents Weed Along With Their Booze


Too lazy to get off the couch to pick up your pot? Soon, you’ll be able to order your weed with the tap of a finger.
The app Nestdrop, which already delivers alcohol on demand, is expanding to marijuana with a soft launch in L.A. at the end of October. Co-founder Michael Pycher says the app will offer delivery, within the hour, for valid patients in a broad area between Downtown, Manhattan Beach and Encino/Tarzana.

While the SoCal entrepreneurs making the most money in the weed industry are of course the people selling the actual weed, it’s the people that are weed-adjacent who are more investor-friendly and able to keep their income in banks. Examples of such businesses include the dispensary directory app Weedmaps and the makers of the pot container with a built-in grinder, Medtainer.
Nestdrop, however, has figured out a way to profit from the actual sale of weed without registering as a dispensary, meaning they don’t have the same liabilities and can attract bigger investors. The app works like this: You upload a photograph of your prescription, then order your cannabis. The app then subcontracts the order to local weed delivery services around L.A.
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