“Vape” Is the Word of the Year for the Oxford Dictionaries


VVM/Christine Cool.

It’s become a common sight in Colorado — at Broncos games, in movie theaters and malls, in the bathrooms at bars and clubs, even behind high schools and in employee parking lots. People will quickly, slyly grab a device from their pocket that looks like a pen and put it to their mouth. Then, after just a tiny puff and the mere hint of the smell of pot or cigarette smoke, they’ll put the device — which doesn’t get hot — back into their pocket and go back to whatever they were doing.
The use of vape pens and e-cigarettes has been common for a while, but it caught on big in 2014 after recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado at the beginning of the year. So big, in fact, that Oxford Dictionaries chose “vape” as its word of the year for 2014. Denver Westword has more.