Marijuana To Fund School Nurses in Colorado


While the sales taxes on recreational pot in Colorado remain at a ridiculously high rate (nearing 25 percent in some cities), at least some of the money being collected is going to helping the community as a whole. Namely: kids in underfunded schools.
The state last month said they would be giving about a million dollars worth of grant money to schools to hire nurses, psychologists and counselors in Colorado schools where those services are lacking.

With an average salary of about $43,000 annually, the money could pay for a dozen new nurses for two years in Colorado schools.
We reported last week that Colorado pot money is also likely going toward funding a study on the efficacy of medical cannabis for treating post-traumatic stress disorder. The study will be run by researcher former University of Arizona scientist Sue Sisley, who was fired from her last post after what many view as political backlash for Sisley’s outspoken support of medical cannabis at the Arizona state capitol.