iBake shop threatened with lawsuit


The co-owner of iBake Englewood, who goes by the name Thurlow Weed.

Earlier this month, we reported that Englewood had voted to prohibit marijuana clubs in the wake of controversy overiBake, a pot-consumption business with storefronts in the community and Adams County, where officials announced that they were looking at ways to shut down the one there after three years of operation and no reported problems.

Despite the Englewood ban, iBake’s co-owner, Thurlow Weed, expressed his hope that his venue in the community would be grandfathered in by the city council. But a memo authored by acting city attorney Dugan Comer in advance of a city council study session that’s scheduled for tonight outlines the rationale Englewood can use to shutter iBake permanently and suggests that any lawsuits over the action would be unsuccessful.