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The amount dispensaries charge for an ounce of cannabis in Colorado varies radically from place to place.

As evidence, check out the latest Colorado numbers from, which uses a crowdsourcing approach to gathering its data.

The priciest figures for high-quality marijuana are more than twice as hefty as the lowest ones — and the farther a buyer is from the Denver metro-area (or, in one instance, Colorado Springs), the likelier he or she is to pay a premium price.

Of course, the term “high-quality” is imprecise, and costs vary from place to place in any community with multiple dispensaries. But the digits still indicate that importance of location, location, location.

Photo: Edwin Goei/OC Weekly
A Double Double, fries and Coke will set you back 30 cents more than before April 1. Unsweet!

​It happened on April Fool’s Day, but they ain’t foolin’. In a bit of a buzzkill for Golden State stoners, California drive-through burger chain In-N-Out has quietly raised its prices by 10 cents per item across its minimalist menu.

“Dude,” lamented one bummed-out toker. “The Double-Double is more than three bucks now! And if I continue eating three meals a day at the place, this could add up to, like, 5 bucks a week. That’s a couple of packs of rolling papers, man!”